Our Vision

ICN's vision is for All school-level students of Chinese in Australia achieve sufficiently advanced proficiency to reap the benefits of language learning.


As a network of bilingual educators, we believe that the only proven solution as per evidence to date is through bilingual education.


However, as Chinese teachers require a different set of knowledge and skills to be able to deliver bilingual education, ICN’s  mission is thus to empower the community of Chinese teachers engaged in bilingual education to deliver the more superior student outcomes in the Chinese language.


We aspire to empower Chinese teachers engaged in bilingual education by:

  • Leading the industry’s professional development agenda and discourse.
  • Providing a platform for industry-specific professional networking nationally and internationally.
  • Advocating for expansion of bilingual education provision for the Chinese language.
  • Developing reference materials for schools to adopt best practice and meet global benchmarks.


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