Useful Resources for Teachers

Below is a list of useful resources for teachers interested or currently engaged in Chinese/English bilingual education and Chinese CLIL programs. The selected readings have been arranged using the The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.


Introduction to Bilingual Education:

  • Garcia (2009) - Bilingual Education in the 21st Century - Ch 1 “Introducing Bilingual Education” (p.3-18)
  • Garcia (2009) - Bilingual Education in the 21st Century - Ch 3 “Bilingualism and Translanguaging” (p.42-72)


Standard 1. Know students and how they learn in a bilingual environment

  • How students learn Chinese as a Second Language
    • Orton & Scrimgeour (2019) - Teaching Chinese as a Second Language - The Way of the Learner
  • How students learn develop bi-literacy (Literacy Progression)
    • ICN Chinese as an Additional Language v2.0


Standard 2. Know the content and how to teach CLIL and bilingual programs

  • Know the content (what CLIL is)
    • Bower, Coyle, Cross & Chambers (2020) - Curriculum Integrated Language Teaching - CLIL in Practice - Ch 1 “CLIL in Multilingual and English-Background Contexts” (p.3-21) 
  • How to teach it


Standards 3-5 in the context of CLIL:

  • Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning in CLIL and bilingual programs
  • Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments in CLIL and bilingual classrooms
  • Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning in CLIL and bilingual programs
    • Coyle, Hood & Marsh (2010) - Content and Language Integrated Learning
    • ICN Webinar Recordings
    • Sample Classroom Language


More advanced readings:

  • Padilla, Fan, Xu & Silva (2013) - A Mandarin/English Two-Way Immersion Program: Language Proficiency and Academic Achievement
  • Tian (2022) - Challenging the 'Dual': designing translanguaging spaces in a Mandarin-English dual language bilingual education program
  • Wei (2018) - Quality Chinese English-Bilingual Education: Defining Success
  • Wong & Tian (2022) - Chinese-English dual language bilingual education in the United States 美国中英双语沉浸式教学
  • Zheng (2023) - Motivating and demotivating factors for Chinese as a foreign language learners in a British CLIL program
  • Zhou & Li (2021) - Chinese dual-language bilingual education teachers’ pedagogical and languaging practices in American immersion schools


Formal courses:

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