For Program Leaders

Since the reconvening of ICN schools in 2021, ICN has been focusing on the following activities for program leaders:


"Chinese as an Additional Language" (CAL) Curriculum 

Some ICN schools have designed and worked on a shared inter-school project together as a result of meeting each other through the ICN.


For example, in 2021, Abbotsford PS, Richmond West PS and Richmond HS discussed shared achievement expectations for Year 6 and designed a data transfer tool together to assist with transitioning into the Year 7 Enhanced Chinese Program.


This has since inspired the ICN to embark on a project to create a "Chinese as an Additional Language" (CAL) reference document that would assist teachers around the country to use a common language for benchmarking curriculum, discussing student outcomes and co-planning shared units.


Leadership Coaching

Once a term, Erik Ma, the former Bilingual Program Leader of Plympton International College, runs an online coaching session for Chinese Leaders from ICN schools to discuss challenges faced by middle managers in a cross-cultural institutional setting. Having ICN Chinese Leaders in the one room on a regular basis also allow for organic interstate connections to be built and collaborative work to be undertaken.


The 2024 Leadership Coaching calendar can be viewed here.


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